Why Most Shampoos Are a Waste of Money


It’s the dirty little secret that shampoo manufacturers don’t want you to know.  Most of the money spent on expensive shampoos full of fancy natural ingredients is completely wasted.  “Washed down the drain” would be another way of putting it.

That’s because the ingredients in most shampoos don’t penetrate the hair shaft or, more importantly the hair follicle. They simply slide off and rinse out.  Why is that?  Well, it turns out it’s all about the molecules. You see, the size of the nutrient molecules in shampoo is simply too large to penetrate the hair and follicle, so they just cling to the hair shaft until they are washed away.  They may leave your hair smelling good for a while, but they won’t be able to give you hair that actually grows stronger, thicker and shinier.

Over the past few years, billions of dollars have been spent on new anti-aging breakthroughs for skin, resulting in miracle products like Botox.  Unfortunately, breakthroughs of this kind have been lacking in the field of hair care.  Until now, that is. Finally, hair care companies are taking a high-tech approach toward product development.  Rather than simply adding more exotic and expensive ingredients, they are actually developing new ways of cleansing and conditioning hair.

One company that has recently achieved a significant breakthrough is called Kronos.  This California manufacturer has developed a series of products that use tiny microscopic spheres so small that they penetrate hair follicles and deliver nutrients to where they’re needed most.  They call it “T-SFERE Technology”.

Once they had figured out how to get nutrients into the hair follicle and shaft, they turned their attention to formulating ingredients that targetted the most significant signs of damaged hair.  They utilized the T-SFERE delivery system to deliver powerful ingredients that specifically target these problems:

  1. Thinning hair that lacks volume
  2. Dry, frizzy, unmanageable hair
  3. Limp lackluster hair
  4. Damaged hair with split ends
  5. Hair with poor color retention

Usually, the results promised by beauty products are highly subjective. However, hard clinical studies of Kronos’ effectiveness have shown remarkable results. The system was shown to boost hair volume and body by an unprecedented 96%, increase hair hydration by 91%, improve luster and shine by 96%, reduce split ends and breakage by 96%, and virtually eliminate color fading for up to four weeks.

Already, Kronos has become one of the most talked-about hair care systems out there. It was recently featured on the Today show and was rated the #1 Overnight Hair Treatment product by The Good Housekeeping Institute.

If you feel like it’s time to stop wasting your money on fancy shampoos and conditioners, perhaps you’re ready to try Kronos.  The product is not yet available at retail locations, but it can be ordered online, exclusively through Dermstore.com. They’re offering special introductory  discounted Kronos Shampoo and Conditioner kits to new customers so consumers can see the results for themselves before deciding whether or not they want to purchase Kronos products at full price.

The special trial is offered for a limited time only.  To learn just how much you can currently save,click here to visit the Kronos products page at Dermstore.com.



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