Why Most Shampoos Are a Waste of Money


It’s the dirty little secret that shampoo manufacturers don’t want you to know.  Most of the money spent on expensive shampoos full of fancy natural ingredients is completely wasted.  “Washed down the drain” would be another way of putting it.

That’s because the ingredients in most shampoos don’t penetrate the hair shaft or, more importantly the hair follicle. They simply slide off and rinse out.  Why is that?  Well, it turns out it’s all about the molecules. You see, the size of the nutrient molecules in shampoo is simply too large to penetrate the hair and follicle, so they just cling to the hair shaft until they are washed away.  They may leave your hair smelling good for a while, but they won’t be able to give you hair that actually grows stronger, thicker and shinier. Continue reading


Daily activities

Day of Wednesday morning, the first thing I do is woke up at 5 AM. after waking up my beds and take abath and shubuh prayed. about 6 am of the morning before I left for college, I ate breakfast and ready to left. at about 7 am I had reached college placed very quiet and I went to class there some of my friends came. while waited for hours lecture me and a friend started talked about the lessons to be learned later

At about 8 am classes began, first courses on the day was English teacher is Romi Noverino. he did not taught and replaced it with a quiz. we are very gladed  to listened it because to saw how far I understood the lesson. quiz completed at 9:30 o’clock in the morning, followed by courses for pascal. in this lesson we tried to use the program in the form of examples of everyday repetition of words. after all finished our broke at 11:30 am

on my breaks and my friends to ate  in the canteen not long before I prayed Dhuhr. after the prayed I returned to the classroom to continue lessons with the master program supeni phyton up to hours of 2:30 pm. and then I moved the class to continue the chemistry lesson. after the lesson ended I left the mosque to prayed ashar.

after I rest a little prayed before entered the lab. around 5:30 pm I went to the lab to followed the practice. I am 6 hours of rest for the magrib prayed, after prayed I continued the practice until the hours of 7:30 pm. then I came home, when we got home I taked a break for dinner, evening prayed and a shower. after it over I went to bed. just very tired today because the schedule is very crowded and lessons until the evening, and the next day I  to lecture the morning